MOD. RSL-102, Power supply: AC 100~240V, Current: 100mA, Power consumption: 18VA, 7.2V, 750mAh, Plug type: , Binocular Crossed Stereoscopic Microscope Portable Slit Lamp, HS CODE: 901850, UNCCS CODE: 481329, UNSPSC CODE: 42183015, UMDNS CODE: 12281, GMDN CODE: 35148, Main construction: Cast aluminium and ABS, Magnification: 2 steps magnifications, Eye piece: 10X, 16X, Objective: 1X, Total magnification: 10X, 16X, Pupil distance: 10X: 45~70mm, 16X: 50~70mm, Adjustable diopter: ±7D, Slit projection: No, Slit width: 0~10mm, Slit height: 1, 3, 5, 10mm, Slit angle: ±30°, Slit inclination: By movement, Diameter of light spot: 1, 3, 5, 10mm, Aperture of diameter: ø10, ø5, ø0.3, ø0.2mm, Streak rotation: No, Filter: Heat absorption, 10% gray, red-free, cobalt blue, Illumination bulb: 3W white LED, Brightness control: 0~100%, 0~12,000Lux, Fixation lamp: No, Cross slide movement: No, Chin rest movement: No, Power table: No, Battery: Li-ion battery 7.2V 750mAh, 5~6 hrs when the battery is fully charged, Control: ON/OFF switch and power indicator, brightness control 0~100%, slit angle control, slit adjustment, light spot control and filter control, W/S: aluminium carrying case x 1pc, forehead rest x 1set, diopter adjustment lever x 1set, 16X eyepiece x 1set, Li-ion battery x 2pcs, battery charger x 1pc
HS CODE: 901850
UNCCS CODE: 481329
UNSPSC CODE: 42183015
GMDN CODE: 35148

Intended For Use: Ophthalmic diagnostic instruments designed for examining the eye (mostly the anterior part of the eye) using an illumination system combined with a binocular microscope. The instruments usually consist of illumination sources with a mechanism that provides a slit beam of light into the eye with different types of illumination (e.g., direct or indirect, focal or diffuse, background illumination), a binocular microscope for viewing the magnified slit image, and a control component for adjusting the focus of the microscope and the slit (e.g., slit rotation, slit width); some also have refraction mirrors to direct light to a camera mounted above the microscope. Slit lamps provide a magnified view of eye structures (e.g., eyelid, sclera, iris, crystalline lens, cornea); some instruments can also examine the retina using specific lenses. Slit lamps are used mainly in the diagnosis of eye conditions.
Power supplyAC 100~240V
Power consumption18VA, 7.2V, 750mAh
Plug type
TypeBinocular Crossed Stereoscopic Microscope Portable Slit Lamp
HS CODE901850
Main constructionCast aluminium and ABS
Magnification2 steps magnifications
Eye piece10X, 16X
Total magnification10X, 16X
Pupil distance10X: 45~70mm, 16X: 50~70mm
Adjustable diopter±7D
Slit projectionNo
Slit width0~10mm
Slit height1, 3, 5, 10mm
Slit angle±30°
Slit inclinationBy movement
Diameter of light spot1, 3, 5, 10mm
Aperture of diameterø10, ø5, ø0.3, ø0.2mm
Streak rotationNo
FilterHeat absorption, 10% gray, red-free, cobalt blue
Bulb specifications3W white LED
Brightness control0~100%, 0~12,000Lux
Fixation lampNo
Cross slide movementNo
Chin rest movementNo
Power tableNo
BatteryLi-ion battery 7.2V 750mAh, 5~6 hrs when the battery is fully charged
ControlON/OFF switch and power indicator, brightness control 0~100%, slit angle control, slit adjustment, light spot control and filter control

Standard Accessories Aluminium carrying case x 1pc
Forehead rest x 1set
Diopter adjustment lever x 1set
16X eyepiece x 1set
Li-ion battery x 2pcs
Battery charger x 1pc

Optional Accessories

Capability30 units
Lead time30 days

Shipping Information
N.W.0.75 KGS
G.W.1.8 KGS
Machine size (LxWxH)cm15x11x22
Carton box (LxWxH)cm37x16x18
Wooden case (LxWxH)cm52x31x33
20'DC1,716 units
40'DC4,004 units
40'HQ4,732 units

EU / Class / RuleCE, Class I, 12
FDA / Code / Class886.1850, HJO, Class II, 510(K)
TFDA / ClassM-1850, Class II, GMP