MOD. RSU-342, AC 110/230V, Current: 2.2/1.1A, Power consumption: 200W, Plug type: , Portable Suction Unit, HS CODE: 901890, UNCCS CODE: 481698, UNSPSC CODE: 42142400, UMDNS CODE: 10208, GMDN CODE: 36777, Main construction: Cast aluminium and ABS, Plastic bottle: 1pc x 2,000c.c. graduated at 100c.c. autoclavable at 130°C plastic bottle with silicone rubber seal, Max. suction: 0~-720 mm/Hg, Select valve: No, Vacuum control: Needle valve, Vacuum indicator: 0~-760 mm/Hg graduated at 10 mm/Hg Bourdon tube type gauge, Vacuum flow: 0~40 liter/min, Max. HP: 200W 1/4HP, Safety device: Water stop device, disposable bacterial filter >99.999% (0.3 micron) and no fuse breaker, Extra function: No, Foot control: Yes (ON for press, OFF for release), Noise: 60 dB, Pump: Oil-less single piston pump with overload protection, Cooling fan: Yes, W/S: suction tube (silicone) x 1pc, suction catheter x 1pc, filter (big) x 2pcs, foot switch x 1pc
HS CODE: 901890
UNCCS CODE: 481698
UNSPSC CODE: 42142400
GMDN CODE: 36777

Intended For Use: Devices that are used to evacuate gas, fluid, tissue, or other foreign materials from a body cavity by means of suction. They generally consist of a motorized suction pump (some hospitals have a central vacuum system), rubber tubing, a plastic/glass specimen container, a pressure gauge, a vacuum control adjustment knob, and sometimes, a microbial filter. The pump creates a vacuum in the suction tubing, which is inserted into the cavity for the removal of gases, fluids, or other particles, which are removed and routed to the specimen container. Aspirators may also consist only of a simple rubber bulb and pipette that is inserted into the cavity and manually squeezed to remove the fluid, gas, or other material. Typically, these devices are used by surgeons, assisting surgeons, or nurses during surgery, but they may also be used at the bedside, in the home, in long-term nursing home facilities, and during emergency medical response.
Power supplyAC 110/230V
Power consumption200W
Plug type
TypePortable Suction Unit
HS CODE901890
Main constructionCast aluminium and ABS
Plastic bottle1pc x 2,000c.c. graduated at 100c.c. autoclavable at 130°C plastic bottle with silicone rubber seal
Max. suction0~-720 mm/Hg
Select valveNo
Vacuum controlNeedle valve
Vacuum indicator0~-760 mm/Hg graduated at 10 mm/Hg Bourdon tube type gauge
Vacuum flow0~40 liter/min
Max. HP200W 1/4HP
Safety deviceWater stop device, disposable bacterial filter >99.999% (0.3 micron) and no fuse breaker
Extra functionNo
Foot controlYes (ON for press, OFF for release)
Noise60 dB
PumpOil-less single piston pump with overload protection
Cooling fanYes

Standard Accessories Suction tube (silicone) x 1pc
Suction catheter x 1pc
Filter (big) x 2pcs
Foot switch x 1pc

Optional Accessories RAC-SU002, Filter (S) x 1pc
RAC-SU003, 2,000c.c. Bottle x 1set
RAC-SU006, Filter (L) x 1pc
RAC-SU008, Suction cup stainless steel (40,50,60mm) x 1set
RAC-SU009, Suction cup silicone (60,70mm) x 1set
RAC-SU010, Water stop device x 1pc
RAC-SU013, Suction cannula tube x 1set

Capability50 units
Lead time30 days

Shipping Information
N.W.12 KGS
G.W.15 KGS
Machine size (LxWxH)cm54x26x35
Carton box (LxWxH)cm62x32x44
Wooden case (LxWxH)cm77x47x59
V.W.36 KGS
20'DC192 units
40'DC384 units
40'HQ480 units

EU / Class / RuleCE0434, Class IIa, 11
FDA / Code / Class878.4780, JCX, Class II, 510(K)
TFDA / ClassI-4780, Class II, GMP